A Live and INTERACTIVE Live Webinar

Use Your Creative Powers to Make a Saleable Book

Hosted by
Jennifer Lancaster
July 13th
7:00 pm AEST

Here is What You'll Learn

Three Key Author Problems

We cover... how this can help my business or career;

Will it set me apart from others?

How do I get the book to reflect my thesis?

No Gimmicks Webinar

We don't just talk about a program, we give you real value based on our ten years of authoring and editing experience.

Why you Need a Book Creation Strategy

This benefits you and the reader. Find out more about it.

How can a Book Model Help with Writing it?

What is a book model?

Benefits of choosing a book model first.

The Three Prongs to Publishing Success!

If you don't have a marketing plan in place, it can be a LOT of work for no return, so be sure to write down our THREE PRONGS of BOOK MARKETING.


About Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster is the author of Creative Ways with Money, How to Start a Freelance Business, Power Marketing, and Create Your New Life of Abundance. In these books, she teaches others to market wisely and be mindful of their moolah. 

An editor and writing mentor for novice non-fiction authors, Jen looks at the meaning behind your words. She has written on over 40 topics in both B2B and B2C and is a student of great marketing. Her author life led her to put together 'Book Creation Success Club', so other new self-publishers could take the shorter, less costly road to book publishing. 

Jen holds a BA in Communications from UWS. She resides in Redcliffe, Qld.

July 13th
7:00 pm AEST
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